AmCham Charity Initiatives

Supporting charitable causes is an inextricable part of AmCham activity since 1995. In 1997 AmCham began organizing a Christmas Charity Drive, which over the years has expanded its reach to 8 orphanages in the most economically depressed areas of Poland and a single mothers shelter. Many Member Companies support the drive by donating their products and making financial donations. Over the years we have seen a lot of personal engagement by some Member Companiesin meeting the needs of those we aim to help.

The AmCham 4th of July Picnic features a Charity Raffle which year by year gets even bigger. In 2018 the raffle brought in over 35 000 PLN , which was donated to the Ronald McDonald Foundation, Dziecięca Fantazja Foundation, and Estee Lauder’s initiative with the Pomeranian Medical University focused on breast cancer research.

In 2018 we also supported the “Hoover Table Project” in Kraków. The project involves a contest for underprivileged children that tests their knowledge about America and Herbert Hoover. 30 winners were sponsored summer English language camps. Furthermore, some of Kraków’s best restaurants offered a table from where a portion of the bill went to the charitable cause.